Black Peplum Dress: The best dress for any occasion

Before going into the ins and outs of wearing a black peplum dress it might be a good idea to define just what a peplum dress is.

Black Peplum Dress

Significance and Benefits:

The word peplum is derived from the Greek and described a short tunic or a woman’s garment. Today it is a short flared overskirt or ruffle -perhaps nor more than six or eight inches long – attached at the waist of a dress, jacket or blouse and descending over the top of the thighs. Any other considerations aside, it is a great idea for those who are a little heavy around the waist or hips.

The peplum began to make its appearance in the autumn of 2012 and shows no sign of disappearing from the clothes rails just yet. Iconic figures who have been seen wearing them include Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, Black Lively, Victoria Beckham and more.

Celebrities Wearing Black Peplum Dresses

Fashion Tips:

In practice a peplum can be attached to almost anything and since it flares outwards over the hips makes the waist look smaller and hides the top of hips that are rather on the large side. In other words, from a man’s point of view it makes a woman look more sexy. It can also be worn with a belt (a la Duchess of Cambridge, not that she needs it) which draws the waist in further.

A peplum may be worn at many various occasions:

  • formally in the office
  • at a dinner
  • for a beach party or barbecue on a summer afternoon


black strapless peplum dress


How to wear your peplum dress:

Here are some suggestions for the many ways you can wear a peplum dress.

A black strapless peplum dress with the skirt coming down to just below the knee will look great at a formal dinner, a dance or an evening at the theater or opera. Teamed with three or four inch heels it will give you that extra height and air of elegance.

A figure hugging sheath style black peplum dress with sleeves gives a formal look for work and can be worm with a distinctive matching or even contrasting belt. In similar fashion a long sleeved peplum blouse worn over a pencil skirt will achieve the kind of efficient air that you need to display in the office. Wear both of these with strappy heels.

The flared peplum doesn’t even need to go all the way round the waist. If you have a fairly flat tummy the same effect will be achieved by just having the peplum at the sides of the waist leaving the front and back areas smooth.

For the larger woman a black peplum dress plus size will help give a slimming effect and tend to cancel out some of the extra curves.

black peplum dress with sleeves

Other Peplum Dress Options:

Of course, a peplum dress doesn’t have to be in black as there is a huge range of other colors available and a wide range of materials as well. However, a black peplum dress with sleeves can be worn on so many different occasions.

It will look great at a wedding and yet be just as acceptable at a funeral. At a garden party or at the races a dramatic statement could be made by teaming it with a white chunky leather belt.

A black peplum blouse or shirt could be worn over the top of black slim cut jeans, or even flared, for a barbecue on the beach, a picnic in the country, or simply messing about on boats.

Of course, it goes without saying that a black strapless peplum dress will stand out a mile at a party or an evening clubbing. On these occasions the skirt can be short. For a night like this team with the highest patent leather heels you can manage to display those legs to their best advantage.

As with most fashion you can pay as much as you wish for a designer dress, but the black peplum dress is also available online in a wide range of styles with many prices starting below $20.

A black peplum dress is an investment in that it can be worn on so many different occasions, formal or informal, so is a great addition to any woman’s wardrobe. It also has a proud history, since a black strapless peplum dress was shown on the catwalk by Christian Dior at the Paris Fashion Week as far back as 1947.  You should definitely pick up your peplum dress today!